Shopify Execute Stored Procedures Configuration

Version 21.0.8126

Shopify Execute Stored Procedures Configuration

The Execute Stored Procedures action treats data coming into the Shopify connector as input for a stored procedure. It then executes the procedure and passes the result down the flow (if applicable).

Follow these steps to configure the connector:

  1. Select a stored procedure from the drop-down menu. The available stored procedures depend on the connector and cannot be customized from within ArcESB.

    Select Stored Procedure

  2. Click Show Sample Data to open the Stored Procedure Inputs modal.

  3. Enter the requested information and click Execute.

    Stored Procedure Inputs

  4. The Preview XML Output modal opens. Click Save Sample Data to make the data accessible to other connectors.

    Stored Procedure Results

You can connect the Shopify connector to an XML Map connector. The results of the Execute Stored Procedure appear as inputs under the Source tree.

ESP in XML Map